Artistic dreamy effect

Make a soft dreamy effect using simple techniques to give fantastic and artistic look to your picture.



1. Duplicate your pic. Use any method you like to soften the skin  ( if you use portrait photo). I use Blur Tool because my model skin is pretty fine

2. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E. If your portrait has dark tone, use your favorite choice to brighten it.You can use curves, Level and Brightness/contrast. I use new layer filled with white, set to Overlay 10%.

3. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E. Apply Gassian Blur with 4px, then set this layer to Darken 100%. Add a layer mask to eraser the eyes and lips.

4. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+ E again. Apply Diffuse Glow, make sure that background color is set to white. Lower opacity to 70%.

5. Create a new layer and set to overlay like that:

Use Dodge and Burn tool to set off the eyes and lips.

We're done!