Create a model look with naturally perfect skin

With this tutorial i show you a new way to make your portrait  skin become perfect
naturally like a model without using any  extra plugins. You will  know about a technique   you  may  never  use before.


I used a stock from

1. Duplicate your pic. Her skin does not have many blemishes so i just use Spot healing brush tool to remove them on a new blank layer. You can refer how to use it from my previous  photoshop retouching tutorials or on internet.

Here is the result:

2. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E. Apply Unsharp Mask:

Add layer mask to eraser the hair.

3. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E again. Use Retangular Marquee tool to draw a selection like the pic below:
( you should choose the skin that looks best)

Hit Ctrl+C to copy and then Ctrl+V to paste into a new layer. Choose Filter- Pattern maker ( this filter is just in CS2, CS3 but if you use different versions you can download plugin for it or Define pattern for the skin area we just copy then apply Pattern in Blending options or New fill Pattern layer)

Grab a selection around the skin area and adjust parameters as below:

Then hit OK.

We will have:

Lower opacity to 40%, then add layer mask to eraser the hair,nose holes, ears, eyes, eyelid, eyebrows, lips, necklace, background:

4. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E. Apply Smart Sharpen:

Add layer mask to eraser too sharp parts ( eyes, hair, lips, nose...)

5. Create a new blank layer, use osft brush, color 995d43 to paint on eyelids, set this layer to Color Burn 20%.

6. New layer again, soft brush with color  e5a78a paint on the lips, set to soft light 100%.

7. New layer with soft white brush painting on teeth, set to Soft light 50%.

8. New layer and set to soft light:

Use Burn tool with Shadow range, 12% to darken the cheeks and Dodge Tool, High light range, 12% to brighten the eyes and nose bridge.

We're done!